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Photo 1 of 4Bluemoon Forum (delightful Lopster Tub  #1)

Bluemoon Forum (delightful Lopster Tub #1)

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tub (tub),USA pronunciation n., v.,  tubbed, tub•bing. 
  1. a bathtub.
  2. a broad, round, open, wooden container, usually made of staves held together by hoops and fitted around a flat bottom.
  3. any of various containers resembling or suggesting a tub: a tub for washing clothes.
  4. the amount a tub will hold.
  5. a short and fat person.
  6. an old, slow, or clumsy vessel.
  7. a bath in a bathtub.
  8. an ore car;
  9. a two-seat aircraft, esp. a trainer.

  1. to place or keep in a tub.
  2. [Brit. Informal.]to bathe in a bathtub.

  1. [Brit. Informal.]to bathe oneself in a bathtub.
  2. to undergo washing, esp. without damage, as a fabric: This cotton print tubs well.
tubba•ble, adj. 
tubber, n. 
tublike′, adj. 

Lopster Tub have 4 pictures including Bluemoon Forum, Lobstertube Lobstertube Lobstertube, Waiting On The Lobster - FTU, Lopster Tub #4 Marilyn Rondon | By Totally Stoked On You!. Following are the images:

Lobstertube Lobstertube Lobstertube

Lobstertube Lobstertube Lobstertube

Waiting On The Lobster - FTU

Waiting On The Lobster - FTU

Lopster Tub  #4 Marilyn Rondon | By Totally Stoked On You!

Lopster Tub #4 Marilyn Rondon | By Totally Stoked On You!

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